Complete respect
for natural enviroment

to obtain a quality product for a medium-high market not only in Italy and Europe, but also worldwide.
Making process of white grapes

The de-stemmed grapes are sent through pipes to the vacuum press which uses a high-technology method to suck up the must and separate it from the skin. These skins are later collected and sent to the distillery where grappa is produced (wine pomace grappa).
The must exiting the press is first sent through a "pipe-to- pipe" exchanger that performs the initial heat treatment, and then on to the proper vat.
The must is filtered using a vacuum filter and then, a part of it, is sent to the concentrator that removes part of the water to raise the levels of dry extract and alcoholic grade, thus augmenting its body. The other part of the must is sent to another vat in which the carefully-selected yeasts are added. The purpose of these yeasts is to enhance, not alter, the characteristics of the grape by initiating the right fermentation process. Then, the content of the two vats is combined to going on with the fermentation.
Critical to this stage is the refrigeration unit that maintains the ideal vat temperature (18-19°C) for white grape fermentation. 
The bottled wine is placed on pallets and stacked in the winery stockroom.
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